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Water Heater Services

High Quality Affordable Water Heater Services

It's easy to take your water heater for granted, until there is a problem.  Water heater problems are not always major and can be caused by a variety of issues.   Honor Plumbing is expert in water heater repair and installation.  

Water Heater Services Care

Full Range of Water Heater Services:

Residential and Commercial



Try us once, and you will say

"I love my plumber". 

Common Water Heater Problems

Water heaters, like other home and commercial appliances can have issues over time, particularly if they are not properly and periodically maintained by a professional plumber.  The average life span of a water heater is 6 to 12 years.


Some of the most common problems include

  • leaks

  • loud noises

  • no hot water

  • water discoloration 

  • water smell. 


Most of these issues can be attributed to hard water and calcium and sediment buildup. 

We offer Water Heater Repairs, Replacements, Installation, and Maintenance Services.  

Call us.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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