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Drain Cleaning Services

High Quality And Affordable Drain Cleaning

Everyone will agree that almost nothing can be messier and more inconvenient than a stopped up drain.  Honor Plumbing offers fast response and professional drain cleaning, leaving things neat and clean.

Drain Clean Services Expert

Full Range of Drain Cleaning and Repair Services:

Residential and Commercial



Try us once, and you will say

"I love my plumber". 

Signs and Results of Drain Issues

What Are The Signs You Need Drain Cleaning?


Slow Drainage

You will notice this if after washing dishes or taking a bath; there is a pool of water remaining in your bathtub or the sink, and it drains very slowly. 

Toilet Overflow

When you have a stopped drain in your toilet, the result is an overflow after you flush.  A plunger can be a quick fix to remove the blockage. If the problem still persists, however, it means the clog is somewhere deeper in the pipes.

A Foul Odor

A foul odor is usually caused by wastewater stuck in the pipes.


Rust or Mineral Build-up 

When metal corrodes, rust develops, and can cause blocks.  Hard water minerals can also cause blockages.

If you have a drain issue, give us a call and we promise fast response. 


We also advise regularly scheduling a yearly drain cleaning, to avoid catastrophic drain issues which always seem to come at the worst time. All work is fully warrantied.

Call us.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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